You can't just laugh it away.

I'm not going to get married.

I let Charlene do anything he wants to.

Dennis lay flat on the floor.

I want to know who's coming with us.

Doyle is the one who told me about what happened.


To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.

You'll have to wait and see.

Vinod thought about it for a moment.


You're only three years older than me.


Tolerant always blames somebody else for his mistakes.

Could I have some more tea?

The bigger boys torment the little ones.

"If you really loved me, you'd do it." "But I do love you." "Then why won't you do it?"

What are you running away from?

Why bother fixing it?

She's not ignoring me; she's shy.

You don't have to explain it to me.

What's on fire?

"Poor blackbird!" said Pinocchio to the Cat. "Why did you kill him?"

Jerry, I want to ask you something.


She was such a hardworking girl that she made much progress in French.

An organization and its suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.

Suddenly, a young woman stood up.

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I can see you are having an awesome time.

I have traveled many times.

I did so, not because I wanted to, but because I had to.

I'm confident that I'll pass the exam.

My friend was arrested for speeding.

You have already eaten the cake.

When are you going to face up to the fact that you are getting old?

The country is in a bad economic state.

I can't break this code.

The problem is that she is inexperienced.

I've decided to fire you.


I came back home late.


This doesn't prove anything.

We haven't found them yet.

Sergeant told me it would be easy.


Are all these books yours?


Laurent asked me the same question.


Keep it in mind for the next time.

Please turn on the light.

"Thank you." "You're welcome."

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Marshall asked Kieran why she was unhappy.

We still have plenty of time left.

It's 8:30.


Come on, let's go get a drink.

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It was you that was responsible for the accident.

I didn't mean for you to get hurt.

I hope I dream about you tonight.


Everyone has points of weakness.

Don't leave me by myself!

People want to feel safe.

Jayesh might not want us to be there.

Maurice moved through the dimly-lit alley.


Mosur is independent.

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International problems must be solved by diplomacy, not war.

Markku has helped me in many ways.

A Californian policeman pulled a car over and spoke to the driver.

I had a fantastic time.

He is proud of having been educated in the United States.

Pierette locked the door.

I observed that his hands were unsteady.

I needed this.

That child's easily distracted.

I want to know what you're doing here.

I've been foolish.


She usually goes to bed at nine.

His jokes don't please all patients in the hospital.

You've got rhythm.

Take her hair, parted down the middle, and separate the right front section. Repeat the same for left. Twist each side and secure them together in the back with a clip.

They eat healthy foods.

These ideas are embodied in the constitution.

He pretended to be sick so he didn't have to go to school.

Is that too late?

Niels was enraged when she found out about the baby.


She sat on the bed as her mother braided her hair.

Just keep trying.

Wolf is an intelligent boy.

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We go to see her twice a day.

It's my day off.

It is not the goal but the way there that matters.

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Stephe traveled around Australia.

I wonder who she is.

He affected not to hear me.

Let go of the rope.

Don't enroll.

China is facing a problem with exploding watermelons.

His class makes us despair.


How did you enter in my room?


Everything was only a joke.


You must clean your hands before meals.

This book is a bildungsroman.

He is both tall and handsome.

Merat said he liked snow.

I'm rich.

I think it's very romantic.

Take care of yourself.

Are you imitating me?

The bus can carry a maximum of forty people.


The Canadian governement has closed the Experimental Lakes Area research site.

Suyog closed the venetian blinds, so the neighbors couldn't look in.

This is all my carry-on baggage.

I would like 500 grams of meat please.

Have you seen my purse?

I think I'll go back to sleep.

I heard the song sung in French.


Who can predict what will happen in the future?

Evan tried to keep up with Rhonda.

It might be a good idea to get some sleep.

I asked her to do it for me.

Gypsy has been living in Boston since 2013.

That's the badger!

I'm really going to miss Marci when he moves to Boston.

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What should I buy?

When does the plane leave?

I don't understand this sentence.

The enemy must be defeated.

I spent the whole morning with Glenn.

Are you going to see Marla tonight?

Do you want to see my scar?

Some of us find such views to be sheer madness.

The opposite sides of a rectangle are parallel.

Do you know where George bought his tennis racket?

The sightseeing bus ran through a long tunnel.

One thousand years later, aliens came to Earth only to find the damned remains of a wicked civilization.

Dori lives in a small town where nobody locks their doors.


Next year we have to clean the whole beach.


The bus stopped in front of the house.

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Tad took care of my kids when I was in the hospital.

Mr Brown is our financial adviser.

Kit hates me.

Two out of three ain't bad.

She'll have a panini.

She takes care of many elderly people.

The Sun smiled through the window every morning.

They are not very different from anybody else.

We intend to take away their power to make war.

Scratching his head, Liz asked, "Have you seen that paperwork that was on the desk, Joubert? It's kind of important." "Oh, I threw that crap away last week, Moe," Tal replied offhandedly.

Straka never leaves her house without first putting on makeup.

He seemed to have been ill.

Eternity exists. It exists here...


It made me resist the language I was learning.

There will be three.

Elric has been wonderful.

I'm Natsuko.

He is a so called liberal.


Claudio might already be there.

Pascal drives an imported car.

Karen makes me feel safe.

Do your parents still live in Germany?

They carried the injured player away on a stretcher.

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Let's see what you're made of.

It's too heavy to move.

Douglas chuckled aloud.


Take your hat off.


According to me it has no sense.

Jennie really doesn't like dogs.

I'm planning to move back to Boston.

Are you sure it was her?

Johnnie will call me.


You know him better than I do.

Can you guess which cooler is the most efficient?

Don't leave your baby crying.