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The complexity of the information security and business architecture has been growing exponentially due to globalization and borderless enterprise models. It has become essential to include systems like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, routers and many more devices including IOT. These devices generate information and alerts, saved in log form, when analyzed in real-time provide actionable insights capable of detecting security threats s that are more diffused and more distributed in nature.

Present Need: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) 

The need of the hour is a collection of all potentially useful security information as well as tools that can interpret such information generated by all the software on any given network. This is where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) comes in.

Problems worth Solving

* Partner with our customers to detect and respond to attempts at data  
* Solution that can be delivered in a cost effective manner
* Quick response and options to mitigate attempts to infiltrate core
business systems
* Scalable solutions with growth of core business offerings

What We Offer?

Security Information and Event management system that has
      – The adaptive logic for data loss prevention
      – Built-in cloud/ data center agnostic technology
      – Can provide Managed Offerings to costumers

Key Features 

  • SIEM as a service provisioned over the cloud providing safe, secure shared environment reducing costs for our customers
  • Cloud agnostic solution as solution can be deployed across most cloud and in premise environments thus aligning with individual customer needs.
  • Highly scalable from ingesting MB’s of data to Terabytes and still delivering on performance

  • Build on the latest big data architecture that is scalable to add additional micro services as required to cater to new use cases as they come
  • Using largely open source technology keeping the costs down for operations
  • Can Integrate to client Service now, Zen Desk or other client help desk systems and other collaborative tools like Slack and MS Teams

  • API driven ingestion allowing real time data feeds from multiple security log sources from client data centre or client virtual private cloud or public cloud sources
  • Real time dashboard interface and SMS alerts for tackling security issues
  • Ability to integrate and provision alerts into a Security Operations Center (SOC) where the customer is able to look at an integrated view of their network assets across their individual data center or hybrid operational environments

About Us

About Us

We are a team of Experienced Professionals in their respective domain. Identifying and filling the gap in information security arena has become so important for any Organization, to avoid data and information loss. We have developed most agile and cost-efficient way to secure your information and predictive threat analysis. Our product is made up of leat web architecture and agile with the demand of the customer.

We take care of each data stream emerging or ending in your organization with our product with a secure end to end solution with the least financial burden, other established product in the market.

Information Security
Information security

Our Team

Anuj Saxena,           CEO    

An operation jockey and en-visionist with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience of working with top notch IT and Govt. companies

Anaz Bappunhi, Project Director

Chief Architect and Product Owner 

Douglas Leng,  Cloud Data Engineer

A specialist in cloud technology and products. Key Engineer in build of products