Heracles’s Journal

Heracles’s Journal. Pretend you are Heracles. Using first-person point of view, write a 150-300+ word journal entry describing and reflecting on one or more of the labors you had to perform for Eurystheus. How do you feel about having to perform the labors? Have you considered trying to escape them somehow? Do you find them to be easy or […]



After spending half of my day playing a volleyball match, I dragged my sore feet to a seafood restaurant to have dinner with my volleyball teammates. After a time of savage eating, a fabulous idea suddenly ran into my intelligent brain, why shouldn’t I spend my night with my friend, Hubert to watch World Cup? […]


The Alpha League of Sorcerers

The Alpha League of Sorcerers In the base, 30 Sorcerer Magica from different dimensions sat on a roundtable to discuss the ongoing threats of the multiverse.  Because of the ongoing threats that would harm Planet 1 Sector 5 Coordinates (1,2) (USA), the league decided to stop this matter themselves. Eternal Aurora (White Sorcerer) (Planet 2): The threat […]

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Chapter 4 Raid The Devil sat in his throne, spinning the Doomblade in his hands and admiring its devastating power. The light reflecting off the dagger was enough to light the whole room without any other help. The Devil had organized search teams spread all over the Islets to find the remaining parts.  “My Lord, […]



Chapter 2 God Himself The Alchemist stood tall in the dome, looking at the small floating figures of Harry and Josh floating in the water. The Alchemist telekinetically asked the duo, “What do you wish, for you have found me, you are worthy.” ”The Devil, he’s coming, he searching for something, he has a something […]

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