Clayton needs his medication.

Wayne kept his true feelings hidden from everyone.

Politicians from many countries made pilgrimages to the White House.

I'm anxious to get started.

Vistlik had other work to do.


What would you like to learn?

I gave my dad a tambourine as a gift.

Fame grows as it travels.


Does this mean anything to Dan?

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Whoever knocks get opened up to.


You were good, now you're better.


And are you happy now?


Where did Doug go to college?

My watch is not working normally.

Alienation is a common theme of twentieth-century literature.


In February, I was in Sao Paulo.


He drew his conclusions based on that survey.

No one has ever been able to do it.

The group was planning a bull session to talk about the upcoming party.

Looks like we're in deep water.

Olivier doesn't like any kind of music.


Hurf has decided to resign.

No one's to blame.

I do not like to be yelled at!

Hurry up, the train stops here for a short while.

I was sitting on the couch half asleep.

If there's a typhoon tomorrow, does that mean I don't need to go to work?

Knudsen didn't seem hungry.

Give me your phone number and I'll call you back.

You're kidding, right?

Hamilton made me help him.

We don't know what they want to use it for.

I eventually want to be fluent in German.

Size 9, I think.

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Do you want some hot chocolate?


The sun was warm in the morning, but it's cold at this moment.


We're in shape.

My head has begun to clear.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in Brazil.

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I'm sure Torsten will succeed.


Let's try to find where Swamy hid the money.


I plan to invite a lot of guests to the opening ceremony.

"What kind of pet is always found on the floor?" "A carpet."

Are you in love with her?


He will drink the champagne at midnight.

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I am for your opinion.

I'll show you that I am right.

You should visit Kyoto, which is famous for its old temples and shrines.

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None were satisfied.

Be happy for me.

We'll get there.

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The car was carrying four people when the accident occurred.

I need to spend more time with my family.

No one understands how I feel.

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The price of meat will soon come down.


He drew an apple.

They had a choice.

Take off your mask.


She did not eat anything until she was rescued.

They forecast it will be cloudy tomorrow.

Ranjit invited Naim to dinner.


People are complicated organisms.

I speak nothing but the truth.

He has a good knowledge of Japanese religion.

I've never seen her so happy.

A week is divided into seven days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Are you busy right now?

Be careful with them.


Watch the door.

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When were you planning on telling Rajendra about what happened?

Could you please hurry?

Floria knows how to read French.

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I wish I could come up with a good answer to the question.

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Maybe you can't hear me?

There is a girl reading under a tree.

I observed him stop.

Who is it that you want to talk to?

There shouldn't be any commas in this sentence.

Every year we pay 100 euros to this association.

We were all waiting for you.

Do that!

You'll be the first to know, I promise.

Yes, he is Anthony.

"I thought you liked him." "I do."

I need you to explain something to me.

"I'm not your boyfriend. It was just a hookup." "What?"


Just out of curiosity, what do you expect to happen?

Do you still love Son?

Agatha looks like himself again.

No tickets are needed.

The population of that country is about three-fourths of that of Japan.

I want Elric beaten up.

This is an apple tree.

That is the house that I stay in.

The dollar was devalued against the Japanese currency from 360 yen to 308 yen.

Things are different here.

Granville turned out to be just like his father.

He promised to pay us high wages.

I don't have any money with me.

The cherry blossoms are at their best.

Now that Glen is unemployed, he has quite a bit of free time.

A big crowd stood in the street.

You shouldn't have let this happen.

Adam started off strong.

I was not in the least surprised, for I had fully expected as much.


How could you tell I wanted to go home?

Why did you kiss me in the darkness?

Benjamin shot a bear with a rifle.

You are foresighted and will succeed.

You're in the right place.


Have you been seeing a therapist?

I didn't get any sleep last night.

Why don't you want to help the police?

I didn't mean any of it.

You told Roxane that he was adopted, didn't you?


A person's true value can't be seen by eyes.


Is that you?

I'd like to thank you for coming today.

These shoes are a little loose.

I make little of the problem.

Don't repeat what I've told you.

The color of her dress and that of her shoes go well together.

I had a fantastic time at your party.

The man is under the tree.

I forgot to pay the electric bill.

I wanted to be here.

Tammy just moved into a new apartment.

I didn't know that Vicki talked about me like that behind my back.

You were ready.

I thought I'd ask him for help.

Ravindranath handed Christofer the clipboard.

In our democracy, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which encourages accountability through transparency, is the most prominent expression of a profound national commitment to ensuring an open Government.

All possible means have been tried.


All life support systems have been severely damaged.

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This is so relaxing.

That's a little vague.

Hui lives in a commune with hippies.

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Johnathan Jackson spoke to the teachers at our school.

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Paula threw the clothes in the fire.

I need to have a word with them.

Edith seems assertive.

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I don't know three languages.

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I've got to try it now.


The bell went off right in the middle of our discussion.

Holmes went out of the room without being noticed by anyone.

Misfortunes pile up.


If you listen to the lyrics, you'll realize that they don't say anything.


I saw the movie on video.

You're just so superficial and shallow.

I went to see a show today.


The woman with a baby in her arms arrived here just now.


You should have taken more care with your work.

He who seeks a flawless horse or flawless wife, may rest assured that even if his work he did forsake, nor bed nor stable would he ever fill.

I don't have a wife.

I ran as fast as possible.

"Is he always like this?" "Yeah, he is."