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Special Delivery Procedure Performed by our Dr. Dalsania at Baptist DeSoto Hospital

Welcome to Memphis Interventional Radiology Clinic.

The growing field of interventional radiology is empowering patients and their physicians to seek effective, high quality medical care that is more convenient, less stressful, less painful and, often, less expensive, than previously available options.

Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease, fibroid tumors, or another condition you expect will have to be treated with highly invasive surgery, a long hospital stay, and an extensive recovery period. You’ll be glad to know that Memphis is home to some of the world’s foremost experts in interventional radiology—physicians with expertise in diagnostic radiology and the performance of minimally invasive procedures guided by highly refined imaging technology.

Through interventional radiology, Mid-South residents, along with those coming to our clinic from several states, can return to good health with smaller incisions, shorter or no hospital stays, less pain, and quicker recovery than would typically be experienced with conventional surgery.

Peruse this website for more information about our clinic, descriptions and explanations of some of the conditions we treat and an introduction to our physicians and their areas of expertise.

Whether you are a physician or a patient, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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