The rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer.

See you back at the precinct.

She wasn't badly hurt.

Jerome didn't really feel like going skating.

Declare it clearly to Clara.


He encouraged me to try again.

Panzer says he can get us everything we need.

Russell's mad.


Stefan does do some goofy things.

You should keep in touch with Mr. Smith.

You shouldn't climb such a high mountain in the winter.

I am a mechanic.

I want to ask you some more questions.

Rafael attended an all-boys school.

When did you marry your wife?


It's impossible for someone to be older than his mother.

You seem kind of quiet.

It won't let me ask you.

Quit following Spy.

I was watching Nici.


What soap do you wash your hands with?


We're not done playing yet.

He was walking with a stick in his hand.

I just bought a boat.

Diana has three cameras.

He was deeply in debt. And he and his family skipped town.

We all shuddered from the great shock.

How much water did you drink this morning?

You don't have to answer any of Nancy's questions if you don't want to.

Jaime sent Kusum a postcard from Boston.

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That's what we're waiting for.

If you and Marco are well, Paulo and I are well.

We've done nothing.

Make sure nothing happens to Knapper.

I want to make sure Stu is safe.

Huashi guided us through the woods.

There's no snow on the ground.

Do you like dumplings?

Would you risk it?


How much does a ticket cost?

The Kaiser asked Theodore Roosevelt to intervene.

The pidgin has no native speakers.

You got in pretty late last night.

Benjamin wants to know why Lorien is dead.


Now that you have finished your work, you are free to go home.


The table had been covered with dust.


I don't feel like having Chinese food today.

I'll tell you afterwards.

Could you speak up just a little bit?

Milo fell into a deep sleep.

All of us like you very much.

I don't care how much you say you love me. I know your feelings for her haven't changed.

Listen, he doesn't know what he's saying.


Holly comes here almost every Saturday.

Dude, you should see this.

Suzanne couldn't understand why Romain laughed at him.

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I'll see you after class.


My fault.


Hey guys, we've got company!

Sergiu pushed his plate away and said that he had eaten enough.

They did not go there.


I don't blame Tommy for that.

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The weather service has issued a severe weather warning.

The beautiful woman is tall.

Linley should be next.

Come on out with it.

She does it faster than you.


Gunter is a perfect gentleman.

Brandy did worse this year.

This refill lasts half a year.

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Kevin has been upset.

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You must not live beyond your means.


Knowledge is power.

Raymond was willing to try anything.

Don't come near the bulldog in case it bites.


I won't assist you.

Look at us.

Tuna made one last attempt.

If you teach me how to dance, I will show you my hidden scars.

How did such a strange thing come about?

I don't quite understand what you're getting at.

What with the visitors and all the extra housework, I've had a very busy week.


I can explain.

My friend from university gave me a Kindle because he said he wasn't using it anymore. It's the DX model with a large screen. It's not easy to use, but the screen is indeed quite nice. It hadn't bothered me until now, but it's become hard for me to read something on a normal LCD screen.

Lynne was at the bus stop ten minutes before the bus arrived.

I guess we've got a problem.

We all need to learn to deal with this situation.

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I understand why you're here.


He quickly disappeared in the crowd.


Gretchen doesn't like talking about politics.

I have gray hair.

I have one favor to ask.

Judith has a lot of courage.

A truck ran over our dog.

Do you speak French?

Marian obviously doesn't want us bothering him right now.

We just want to ask him a few questions about what he did last weekend.

Jocelyn Bell's parents very strongly believed in educating women.


I've got a date tonight.


What have you guys been up too?

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You can't worry about me anymore.


Laurie was very kind.


When did you start working here?

That sea is called the Mediterranean Sea.

I can't just leave him there.


Why aren't Hirotoshi and Reinhard here?


We put up a good fight, but lost anyway.

Anita will possibly be here within the hour.

Your left eye is congested.


It's necessary to be three to enjoy a good story: One to tell it right, one to relish it and one to not understand it. Because the pleasure of the first two is doubled by the lack of understanding of the third.


Clearly, this is the most important point.

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I'm invited to Claudia's party tonight.


The road runs parallel with the river.

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Sorry, but your brother is an idiot.

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I can't believe we've finally finished the project.

Our ladder is broken in two.

I plan to pursue a career in international finance.

I can sing this song without the text.

Who paid for that?

Thad must've slept a long time.

Do you have any idea who Siegurd is planning to take to the dance?

I gave away the table because it does not fit in the living room.

Thuan had an accident when he tried to ride a hoverboard for the first time.

Dion got in his car and drove away.

Bros before hoes.

My summer school dress is blue and white checkered.

We should take off our shoes before entering the house.

Emmett swerved hard, losing control of his car.

There were many technological advances at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

I think I understood everything Gigi said, but I'm not absolutely sure.

I can't bear this any longer.

Tait sat at his desk, staring out the window.

A work like "In This House of Brede," which tells the story of a successful businesswoman who enters a convent in middle life, is as interesting--and for the same reasons--as a story that takes place on a planet orbiting a distant star.

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He cannot be a poet.

He has done it before.

He abused my confidence.

They were symptoms of the earthquake.

Would you like to go on a trip together?


Van is a diamond in the rough.


Nate still isn't totally convinced.

How many people does this ship's crew consist of?

In Russian, the words for "caress, endearment" and "least weasel" are homonymous and possibly related etymologically.

I spent an hour wandering before I realised which way I needed to go.

He is tired from overwork.

Despite the rain we went out.

I went to pick you up, but you were already gone.

She partied with some high school friends.

This is the house in which he lives.

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I share their political position.

He arrived as soon as he could.

Who will take care of the dog while we are away?

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It is said that Japan is the greatest economic power in the world.


Everyone has a right to live.

I don't have money, but I do have a dream!

The company closes its books at the end of March.