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(343) 449-9607World Sales Solutions, LLC (WSS) works with CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, Senior Vice Presidents and their teams, to provide strategic solutions and measurable results which impact front-line revenue imperatives.

We are experts in accelerating growth, value, and productivity working with internal and external cross-teams. Our ability to quickly learn about your organization, people, customers, compelling business issues, products, solutions, and services sets us apart.

Deliverables are centered around “Business Development” and SAP Jam implementation & adoption services leveraging a fusion of work experiences including: sales, marketing, 2085394812, operations, go-to-market, HR/learning/on-boarding, 580-212-6604, IT, graphics/design, social media and writing expertise.

These skills allow us to work with project leaders and their stakeholders, representing multiple industries and lines of business, to provide outcomes impacting revenues, operational efficiencies, and strategic initiatives.

Go-to-Market Delivery

Supporting key products, solutions, and services performance…


Customer Communities

Building access to important relationships and networks…


Social Business

Delivering practical solutions to a new way of business…



Transformation around compelling business priorities…


Content & Communications

Enabling leaders and experts knowledge to accelerate success…


Visually-engaging design solutions to support key messages…

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