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The East German German Shepherd is a generally a more balanced dog in drives. Aloof too strangers and with a suspicious nature to things out of the ordinary. My line has an intuition that is very uncommon. Superb

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A closer resemblance to the earliest Shepherds in structure with a very flat top line. The pool of the DDR being locked these are most pure lines to the original GSD there is. Very healthy lines and ready to work.

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Search for your next partner, family member or high end sport dog. Featuring East German bloodline.

Working line German Shepherds For Sale. Bringing work back to working line.

Old East German Lines

1Why choose DDR German Shepherds? The lines of the DDR were breed for work. They were breed for health. They were breed for family integration of a working K9. German Shepherds ready to work live love and play.


DDR Shepherds

2The East German DDR dog is structually much different and geared for work. Muscle mass more rectangular frame square thick head set and very straight top line. All this with extreme strength without loss of speed and agility..

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DDR Males

3DDR German shepherd males for sale can vary in size depending on the line which line from the DDR the dogs come from. Males are generally oversize and will weight from 75-110 lbs, running weight.


DDR Females

4DDR German Shepherd females for sale will weight roughly from 70-90 lbs. They are generally the size of most other lines males. Females from this line tend to be more serious and offer real protection at age.