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Art that inspires thought, emotion, beauty and laughter in your soul

Welcome to Jagged Touch Studio. Home of the Seekers where we seek out inspiration in the details of everyday life and incorporate it in to colorful, motivational, thought-provoking Art that Feeds the Soul!

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    LOVE February 2018 for website

    One by One, They Rise by Rani Primmer A couple of years ago, I was convinced that there was a wave of love and compassion sweeping the Universe.  I was optimistic that the world was undergoing a metamorphic change to rise to a new and better place for all to exist in. Beautiful things were happening […]

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    Begin January 2018 for website

    So here we BEGIN.  Maybe the first time.  Maybe the second or third or even the 100th! It doesn’t really matter. What matters is the effort we put forth into the space of ‘BEGINNING’. What matters is putting on our best mindset that will allow us to step forward, one foot at a time, one […]

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    Wishing you a belated Happy New Year!  Hope it will be a year of amazing reflection and self-awareness. This New Year’s Eve, my hubby and I found ourselves in a Sacramento hotel, oblivious of the count down, utterly exhausted from packing + preparing our AZ house for it’s next phase in life and driving the […]