Enterprise Promo Oct – Dec
Enterprise Promo Oct – Dec
We have pulled together an exciting range Aged Care and Hospital products for our Oct-Dec promotion! Headlining the promotion is a selection of Commodes, Wheelchairs & Pressure Mattress Systems.
MobilityHQ, Aidacare's online retail webstore. Offering a wide range of solutions to help with everyday tasks from mobility, toileting, bathing, reading, dressing, cooking, eating and gardening.
New eTAC Prescriber Portal
Aidacare’s new eTAC tool, is an advanced and intuitive ordering system developed specifically for our TAC prescribing therapists.
Access Portal

Who is Aidacare?

Aidacare is a leading provider of healthcare equipment and assistive technology for Hospitals, Residential Aged-Care Facilities, Home & Community Care and Rehabilitation.

Our Home & Community Equipment Specialists work closely with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other Allied Health Practitioners to bring assistive equipment expertise and guidance into the home environment of our clients. Aidacare & Our Distribution Partners' Retail Showrooms also enable health practitioners and their clients with easy access to our range of assistive equipment.

Our focus on product quality and ongoing support and services have made Aidacare and Aspire trusted brands in many supply contracts and support arrangements with Aged Care Facility groups and Hospital groups in Australia. 

Aidacare has a strong team of Complex Rehab consultants, Rehab engineers and technicians working closely with Allied Health professionals in Hospital brain & spinal injury units and in other disability centres to bring to reality assistive equipment solutions that help improve the quality of life.

Aidacare supports its activities in the supply of healthcare equipment with a significant team of skilled field service technicians and engineers to cover preventative maintenance and service support equipment.