Do you really want to know if Tiefenthal likes you?

I hear she is a secretary to Mr Smith.


We found it in the house.

'Childhood friends' are scary.

I thought you told me you didn't know Phiroze.

I'll show you how it's done.

They are eager for peace.

Antonella came over for dinner yesterday evening.

I would walk in the woods when I was a boy.

Someone once said: "Don't tell a Japanese how to speak Japanese."

Terrence has a hard time explaining his ideas to his coworkers, and his code is characteristically unreadable.


How do I know that Phill is the one for me?

There's nothing I can do about that.

In nine case out of ten he will be late.


The alarm sounded.

Could you come into my office?

This book is too difficult to read in a week.

The police are interrogating Sri now.

What, may I ask, is so important?

He took ten deep breaths.

Suffice it to say that, after all, this won't do.

Just as many memories of the past and feelings are stored up in the body as in the spirit.

He always behaved badly to me.

The birds were not shy, but let the girls take them in their hands, and stroke their gold and silver feathers.

No one could turn down their invitation.

He had a near-death experience.

My roommate is crazy.


Don't put your fingers in the meat grinder!


A few months later he left the rock band.


What do you care what I do?

The Swallows are behind 2 to 1!

Princess Diana's tragic death shocked the world.


Daniel is likable.

He spent all the money that his friend had lent him.

Do you even know how to smell the flowers?

Where can we exchange yen into dollars?

I'll take this back.

Yoga can help reduce stress.

Triantaphyllos looked around at his coworkers.


Why are women such bothersome creatures?


I would like to buy some cheese.

The older brother became a successful trader.

Did you see anything suspicious?

Learning English isn't difficult.

But what a woman says to her desirous lover ought to be written in the wind and the fast-moving water.

Milner said he didn't know the answer.

His pride did not allow him to take the money.

He gave up.

How did you bring in the new year?

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She was so dreamy that no one dared to approach her.


I'll pick her up later.

It's strange how everything can change in one day.

God died. We killed him.

You are not allowed here. This is private property.

It was a dream job.

Look, I want to be straight about this.

I'll call them tomorrow.

Nobody came to the party.

The art exhibition is upstairs.


I plan to spend the New Year's holiday in Australia.

I didn't know that Laurianne smoked.

I didn't want to spend any more time than necessary cooking for my family.

I'm sorry for them.

Rathnakumar doesn't like sleeping alone.

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He started from Tokyo for Osaka by car.

Don't get too familiar.

Can life get any better than this?

Having misconceptions of what mathematics is is even more ordinary than not knowing how to spell my name.

I had a good dream last night.

Loneliness is the fate of all outstanding people.

I'll be away till Christmas.

Phillip sustained minor injuries.

You obtained more than me.


The youth eat in the garden.

Let me put this in perspective for you.

This is a doghouse that I made myself.


Do you have a family?


That's unnecessary.

The mirror on a compact I got from a friend has cracked.

The next two years were busy ones for Jackson.

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It was hard for them to get to the island.


Skeeter had trouble believing that Kirk would actually want to go out with him.

Don't be so sharp with the children.

Jane accused Guillermo of not knowing how to love or how to accept someone's love.

That snake is poisonous.

I'm enjoying the process.

Why are you so upset?

If you get another speeding ticket within one year, your license will be suspended.

Can't we all just get along?

Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is not included in the CD you bought.

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A good store is where the bread is always hot and the drinks are always cold.

That budget isn't yet final.

It's kind of late.

The tax bill was passed yesterday.

You will receive a confirmation email after your account has been activated by an administrator.

I'd like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind.

His advice didn't help at all.

I haven't found Jay yet.

You should've kept that secret.


He likes to relax at home with his family when he is on leave from the Air Force.

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Answers to your questions don't exist.

You're not going to regret this.

How is that different?

Luc spilled red wine all over Blaine's white dress.

I'm not a cat person.

We had a snowball fight.

My watch is ten minutes fast.


Have you forgiven him?

We don't accept emailed submissions.

The return on the investment will be high.

Have you taken out a subscription to any magazine?

They tortured the prisoner first and then killed him.

Why did you learn German?

A dog meets a crocodile. The crocodile says to the dog "Hello, fleabag!" The dog responds "Hello, handbag!"

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My teacher is a stickler for grammar.

My house is very near the park.

Try to encourage me a little.


In Japan, you never have to go too far to find a convenience store.

The judge ruled in her favor.

Only yesterday did I see him.

Please reply as soon as possible.

What is your date of birth?


I thought you might like one of these.

I woke up at eight o'clock.

That will run.

The rose is called the queen of flowers.

When did he leave for Mongolia?

I haven't seen you all day.

Vladislav was roughed up by the police.


How far is it to the green?

I want to come, too.

I need to figure something out.


He followed my advice.

I was just leaving home then.

Don't you feel stupid now?

What did you hope to accomplish?

Just tell Jonathan what we found out.

He has not come home yet, has he?

I think this book is very good.

He had to choose between "Earthling" and "Terran" for their demonym.

The house has been sold.


We aren't sure what to do.

We have wine.

No one has been murdered.


Phiroze sent me there.

She always interferes with him.

It's what you deserve.

Pilot doesn't know where he was born.

A fierce battle was fought by the soldiers.

I was just angry.

I don't suppose you know anything about this.

Elisabeth watched Mysore walk off.

You don't have to tell me this.


We had to make the best of a bad deal.

How well she cooks!

Where do you put your extra change?

There were all sorts of group activities.

When a president or a governor acts wisely and lawfully, Americans express their approval by reelecting him and by supporting his political party.

That's between Amarth and me.

I hate pretending I'm interested.

That's what I wanted to see you about.

I've been dreading this moment for a long time.


I can't do without tobacco.

Is it made of iron?

It is impolite, or even gross, to smell food in Tanzania.

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I have big dreams.


This is no mere coincidence.