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Here at AlphaPrototype we like to help our customers to get what they need, we offer many different services for our customers.


Do you have an idea for an electronic product or a school project but you are unsure of how to create it? We can assist you with this.


We can build your prototype ideas, allowing you to test and improve on your design.


So you have a prototype, what now? We will discuss with you and figure the best path.

Alvin and AlphaPrototype

  • A long time ago I use to work for a company called Jaycar, I had a great time as I learnt so much about electronics while I was there.
  • While I worked at Jaycar I helped many customers to build something that, this could be a child doing a school project or someone trying to create a new product.
  • This gave me the idea to start a company that allowed people with no skills or small budgets to follow through with their ideas without having to go to a specialist.
Alvin Fletcher

Alvin Fletcher


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