He said, "I felt ill, but I am all right."

I want to go somewhere quiet.


Her ambition is to be a ballet dancer.

It remains to be seen what kind of picture we will be faced with in the end.

Douglas is quick to turn violent.

I'm thinking about you.

You'd better get moving.

All living things are connected in one chain of being.

Today I hooked my trailer up to my car, filled it with rubbish and took a very full load to the local rubbish dump.

I don't think it's a big deal.

We didn't tell anyone.

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He was tall and handsome.

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I've got it all sorted.

Liza is the fastest driver.

Something doesn't make sense here.

He likes new experiences.

You shouldn't let him get away with cheating.


You have to get 60 marks to pass the exam.

I cleared my throat, but no words came.

Write down what the teacher dictates in the French class.


Erwin has an ironclad alibi for the night of Barton's murder.

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The waves swallowed up the boat.

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I'm very glad you didn't get hurt.


Sriram is a paramedic.

The crowd laughed.

Dictatorship can be summed up by "shut up!", democracy by "keep talking".

The feeling is mutual.

Casper forgot to take his Alzheimer medication.

Reiner is probably jealous.

Suspicion is destructive of friendship.

I think the number of common-law marriages is on the rise.

"Have you ever been to New York?" "Yes, I've been there a couple of times."


We can end it.

Almost everyone came.

Stanislaw didn't even step out of the house yesterday.


It was Lex who took out the garbage.

Marie doesn't have to work on Mondays.

I love being called Grandpa.

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You're not being fair.

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There remains nothing to be desired.

Bradley had the gall to ignore my advice.

Set the time on the alarm.

You'll fatten up if you eat that much.

You can wear your undershirt.

Check this one out.

Which credit cards can I use?


This guy is screaming at me.

We must succeed.

Bryan told me that I should've said yes.

Why do you accuse my son?

Tarmi tends to be overdramatic.

He capitalized on every opportunity to learn from the great scholar.

Don't look like that.

He isn't like his brother.

"If I were a rich man..."

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Did you learn to swim when you were a child?

Stay calm and sharpen pitchforks.

What's your sister's dog's name?

Doesn't that feel better?

Well... he's gone to a better place now.

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He likes to gossip, therefore he has a lot of enemies.

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Joachim was asleep on the couch, snoring loudly.

I can't make myself understood in German.

He denied knowing anything about it.

Most of the students already understand this.

Carl has already been put to death.

I'm not sure that's what you wanted to do.

That's good enough for Ozan.


Joel had to stay at home all week.


She asked him where he lived.

We can talk about it in the future.

I am only too glad to help you with your work.

Annard and Art are constantly arguing.

That's very nice.

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I'm really going to miss Rupert when he moves to Boston.

It was like that when I got it.

Add the flour, salt, baking powder and mashed bananas, and work into a dough.


Turkeer will be here.


All good in the hood?

My grandfather doesn't drive anymore.

What kind of bread do you like best?


Gunnar told me not to tell anyone.


Here's the letter from them.

I want you to ride with him.

The traffic light turned green.

You'd better ask Pedro first.

George said he'd think about my suggestion.


There's no need to try to translate a phrase word-for-word.

Can I get you another drink?

Why did you keep it a secret?

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He earns not more than 50 dollars a week.

Your wife comes from California.

Colin doesn't think it's such a big deal.


Do you really want to dance with me?

Earnie served 30 years for second degree murder.

This is a dry town.

Is Rex going to the market right now?

Next time, you should buy a larger size.

There's no wine in the bottle.

He is to blame for the failure.

I'm slightly worried about them.

This button has come off.

May I speak frankly?

London was a city built for the horse.

Toerless has been gone too long.

That was ours.

Galen has willingly done everything we've asked him to do.

It's very new.

She must've been beautiful when she was young.

Bryan is a good teacher, isn't he?

She did the unthinkable.

Dan argued with the waitress over a piece of cheese.

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They put their two children's names down for school.

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Beat it, kids!


I looked around for Hunter.

Substituting textbooks and handouts with hand-held computers could save actually save money in the long run.

Brazil needs more engineers.

I did what I promised to do for you.

Don't waste your allowance on useless things.

How many cars have you owned so far?

We ran to the fire.

I offered to help him move.

This is Patrice speaking. Is Alexander in?


I've never thought much about it.

Don't you know what to say?

He was the last person to arrive.


I'm happy to do it.


I'm not at all busy.

I have a red house.

I miss my mom and dad.

Stop at the newsstand to buy the paper.

If there existed a market for sentences, our grammatical speculations would suddenly make sense.

It's time to separate.

Are you sure you want to be here?

I drank milk.

I would appreciate it if you could find time to see Mr Fukuoka, or to introduce him to one of your associates.

I don't want to have a baby, ever.

I'm fine, thanks.


She bought the dress on impulse.

We must take into account the fact that he is young.

The old castle is in a sad state.


We should follow him.

I'm glad we did what we did.

Americans buy a lot of Japanese cars.

All I want is your love.

You and I'll never agree.

I have a pomegranate.

Sanjay definitely knows what Vinod wants him to do.

I'd better take you back home.

I'd like you to participate.

Shean pocketed the keys.

It's strange, isn't it?

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Don't be late!

He is 100 years old.

Chet barely studied for the exam.

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Warren stood on the sidewalk talking to Carlos.


Please turn out the lights when you leave.

Let's take a rest in the garden instead of indoors.

Stan asked Clyde what she thought of his tie.

Please let me talk to Mechael.

Sharada is very choosy.

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You think I'm right, don't you?