I met a friend I hadn't seen for three years.

Rafik and Jan usually get home later than their parents do.


He taught his son how to swim.

I want to be that doctor's patient.

What a tall tree this is!

I've never given it a second thought.

I apologize in advance for his behaviour.

It happened that her husband was a dentist.

Do you go to church?

I am the most junior staff in my office.

Novo understands the situation.

The groom works for a company now, and the bride is our teacher.

The shop window was broken by a stone.

I have a giant stuffed panda bear.

If I were in her place, I'd refuse to do that.

Translate the book into another language.

Sanche asked Alberto for a divorce.

Will you take us for a drive next Sunday?

She is losing blood.

Do you think I'll miss my train?

These boots have seen plenty of service.

It's been a long time since we last met.

Exactly how will we do that?

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I'm more than willing to put it behind me.


It was obvious that he was lying.


People used to think that the tomato was poisonous.

The students were ill at ease before the exam.

How do you feel, Siegurd?


It looks like a lot of people have come out to take part in the competition.

Let's see you beat that.

A man who chooses to commit himself in politics to the extent where he becomes a visible figure, would do himself a favor by not having skeletons in the closet.

Robbin tried to make Roger happy.

Sjaak won that contest.

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I didn't ask you what you thought.

Men grovel at her feet.

He is alive to his own interests.


Marci works part-time at a supermarket.

Tell me where Soohong is.

Air pollution is a serious global problem.

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She's watching me.

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Where is my food?

Victoria cut his finger.

I don't suppose you'd still have last Saturday's paper?

I went to the supermarket with Leanne and bought chicken nuggets.

Pablo and Collin were out on the balcony at two in the morning.

I need to go pick up some supplies.

I am from the City of Manila.

This is such an easy problem as any student can solve.

It was a bit of high jinks.

Did anybody see her leave?

Donal asked me to wake him up at 2:30.

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Do you think I should tell her?

You're on your own now.

There are people who don't like to go to bed early.

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I'm leaving now, but I'll be back in a while.

Rugs absorb sound.

Jerald isn't in the same place you are.


Barton sustained severe injuries in the accident.

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The prisoner was brought before a judge.


This is the first time I've ever seen Hubert smile.

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He started dating her from high school.

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I returned from work to find the house empty.

She does talk a lot.

Let's hope we can avoid this problem in the future.

Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact.

Sekar couldn't find a decent job in Boston, so he moved to Chicago.

Who's taking responsibility for this problem?

I'm concerned about my wife's hacking cough.

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That shouldn't be much of a problem.


I have nothing to say to either of you.

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It is said that adolescent friendships do not often last.

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She addressed herself to the chairperson.

I can read English.

Nils pressed an ice pack to his head.


This aroused her suspicion.


He plays in the outfield today.


Nici wouldn't let his children use his power tools.

You may not smoke in the elevator.

Be quiet for a second.


Maybe you should talk to him.

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My dad thinks my boyfriend is a real whack job.


You lost the game.

Let Panos buy the next beer.

Martin had no way of knowing when Linder would arrive.

Welcome to France!

He shut the door angrily.

Where does that leave her?

I had to leave my job.

Bea made up the whole story.

This seat isn't taken.


It hangs on your decision.

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Everyone must do their own work.

I can not give you an immediate answer.

Pan is a monkey that can spread butter on bread.

These are my brothers.

He did nothing but cry.


I came to apologize.

You'll never guess why I'm here.



John wanted to be completely independent of his family.


Did you ask Johan to stop?

Brian bought a packet of cigarettes under age, and claimed he was buying them for his father.

He's been Santa Claus.

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Where are Annie and Sundaresan right now?


I can't give it to you.

Germany has good football players.

Rolfe renewed his driver's license three weeks ago.

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I like Rajarshi, but he doesn't like me.

The sentence must have a predicate.

We should really sit down and talk.

All the audience was excited.

There was no other choice.

Many soldiers were killed in World War II.

Mwa must be nearly thirty.

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I need to talk to someone.


I tried to find him.

The child is drinking some milk.

Mohand is my half brother.

Spike was ready for bed.

Cliff was ready to sing.


You should go help Ragnar.

Would you like a single or a double?

Tait has pressed charges against you.

Micah sat down near Sandra.

He spoke about peace.


Bradley never told me he didn't like Casey.

Jock is going to hurt you.

He is the only man I know who can dive but not swim.


She has a special way of making bread.


He promised to provide information.

Will you mail this letter for me?

There's more money in the drawer.

We heard somebody shout.

Lynnette is the name of my black warthog.

Explode, swine!

Listen to me.

I'm glad Raanan got caught.

The background check on Kevan turned up suspiciously little.

Thanks for adding me as a friend.

What do you do with these?


Are you shy?

Curt waited his turn.

I need you to find Knut.

Here we see confirmation of an old truth: war is never useful.

I'm on my way out.

I've done that three times.

It doesn't matter what happens to me.

Stu drove past Francisco's house on his way home from work.

May his soul rest in Heaven.

It's too late to shut the barn door after the animals are out.

He didn't get jealous.

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The European Union has abolished the death penalty.

Don't ignore the signs you asked God to show you.

Harvey doesn't know who painted that picture.

Thomas wouldn't run.

The relaxing sounds will carry you away.


The city was well fortified except on this side.